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Common Indoor Plants

mesmerizing house plants pictures 52 common house plants pictures and names the dragon tree houseplants


common houseplants golden pothos types of indoor plants

one of the easiest and most common house plants is the often known only by its common name of peace lily there are many cultivars of

although not a common household name you would probably recognize the lush greenery of the schefflera plant which is a beautiful and

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common house plants

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according to a nasa study common house plants can remove toxic agents including ammonia benzene and xylene from the air

simply succulent


watering a house plant

studies have found that plants reduce indoor

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10 plants you canu0027t kill no green thumb needed

photo of variegated dwarf schefflera

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10 best houseplants for low light

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common house plants

one of the most common indoor house plants this plant removes benzene and from the air needing indirect light you can

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aglaonema commutatum poison dart plant

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three common indoor plant pests and how to send them packing

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dracaenas types air purifying plants air cleaning plants

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peace lily cleans and purifies indoor air

learn about a few of our favourites

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called u0027how to grow fresh air 50 house plants that purify your home or officeu0027 by bc wolverton

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lucky bamboo is one of the most common indoor bamboo plants grown and it definitely gives me the exotic vibe truth be told lucky bamboo is not actually

plants that are toxic to cats and dogs

fiddle leaf fig trees near kitchen window and counter u201c

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